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Stall Applications

2021 Stall Applications are now available at the link below. Deadline to submit stall applications is March 8, 2021. Late applicants may have their stalls relocated for the upcoming season. 

Stall applications can be printed and dropped off to Harry Eder or the Maintenance building. If you wish to complete the forms electronically, fill out and save BOTH the Electronic Stall Application and Essential Staff Registration Forms. Email forms to

Printed forms can also be mailed to:

Attn: Harry Eder
230 Catherine St., P.O. Box 1130
Fort Erie, ON
L2A 5N9

Horsepeople requesting more information, or those who would like a stall application mailed to you, please contact Harry Eder, Coordinator of Horsepeople’s Relations at (289) 303-7982. 


Vaccination Requirements 

Please note that new in 2021, in addition to having up-to-date Coggins and rhino/flu vaccines, horses will also be required to have EHV 1 vaccines prior to admission to Fort Erie Race Track's backstretch. Get more information about vaccination requirements in the letter below. 

Vaccination Requirements 2021

In or Out Slips

All horses shipping in or out of Fort Erie Race Track will be required to have in or out slips approved by the Race Office.

Horsepeople will be required to fill in a request form, available here or from the Race Office. These forms must be fully completed and returned to the Race Office.

In or out slips will be issued the following day upon approval of the Racing Secretary/Stallman.

Please be advised that the Race Office will be closed on Wednesdays, necessitating requests to be made on Monday during normal business hours if you plan to ship a horse on Wednesday or Thursday.

No horses will be allowed in or out of the stable area without an in or out slip!


Fort Erie Race Track supplies our downloadable documents exclusively in PDF (portable document format). Your computer will require Adobe Reader in order to open, save and print these documents. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the manufacturer's website. Click the button below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.